Grounds Visited


  1. Hi Joseph, I found your blog when I was searching about Charlton. I am also visiting stadiums with my sons. Really liked what I have read – and it makes me realize how much more work I will need to put in. -Ali

    1. Hi Ali,
      Just had a read of your blog! My adventure started out a bit like yours. I loved reading your blog! If ever you want to come up to Bolton or Wigan for a tour/match or whatever let me know. I think it’s brilliant about who your sons support, that will cause arguments in the future no doubt! Good luck on your adventure, and I look forward to reading more updates!

  2. Hi Joe, brilliant site, and can’t believe there’s someone so close to m doing the 92 and Rugby League. I do cricket too. Know Atherton well and actually started doing the 92 with someone who lived there. I’m based near Darwen. Have a look at my site Hope you might exchange links

    1. Hi Phil!

      Thanks a lot for the kind comments. Had a look at your site and I like it! Be great to meet up sometime next season, come to Atherton Collieries maybe?


  3. Cheers Joe,
    Atherton Colls not on my to do list as my non-league visists focus on ex-League Clubs. Got to keep some limits on it or my wife will never see me ! Glad to meet up for any of 92, ex-League or Rugby League I’ve not been to. Don’t know if you saw links to RL and cricket site. I try to watch a couple of Lancs away games at different venues each year. Lots of friends who are Bolton fans and have been on a couple of trips with them to Portsmouth and Macclesfield.
    All the best, Phil

  4. Hi Joe,

    Fantastic blog you have here! Excellently written and a really useful insight to grounds around the country.

    I look forward to reading your post on Fratton Park,-Any plans to go there soon?

    All the best on your adventures matey.


    1. Hi Stan! It is written! Been busy since Glantraeth, and have been on holiday too so haven’t got around to typing it up. Rest assured it will be on here at some stage along with trips to Harrogate Town and Holker Old Boys. I’ll e-mail you when it’s up! Sorry for the delay

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